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event, intervention, treatment, adaptation, sleeper effect

List of Findings using this Specification Variable

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Wellness program 10-12 aged, participants in wellness program, USA, followed 6 months, 2008 Positive Psychology Intervention School children, aged 9 and 11, Wales, United Kingdom, 2013 Performing acts of kindness with or without and autonomy support Student participants in a kindness training, South Korea and USA 200? Gratitude increasing intervention 12-17 aged participants in a gratitude exercise and controls, USA 2006 Psychological strength and problem solving training Participants in a strength training and controls, Australia, 2009 Self-affirmation training Student participants in a self-affirmation training and controls, South Korea, 200? Gratitude intervention 8-19 aged participants in a gratitude intervention and controls, USA, 200? Use of Happiness-Comparer Returning users of a happiness self-help website, Netherlands, 2011-2015 Use of Happiness-Diary Returning users of a happiness self-help website, Netherlands, 2011-2015 Use of the happiness-Analyser Users of a happiness app and controls, followed 9 weeks. Germany 2014 Well-being training program Employee well-being trainees and controls, Melbourne, Australia, 200? Sacred moments intervention Healthy adults, USA, 200? Positive psychotherapy training Participants in a happiness training and controls, followed 1 year, Philadelphia, USA, 2004 Gratitude Intervention for older adults Elderly participants in a gratitude training,UK 2014 self-affirmation training Students participanting in a well-being training and controls, USA 200? Activity change or circumstance change intervention Students actively participating in happiness training, USA, 201? Positive psychotherapy training, study 3 Adults with mild/moderate depressive symptoms, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 2007-08 training program for enhancing goalsetting techniques Managers participating in a personality development course, Germany, 2000 Best Possible Self Intervention Young adults participating in a happiness training, Spain, 201? Subjective well-being training Students participating in a happiness training, Italy, 200? Positive Psychology Intervention program Students participating in happiness training, United Arab Emerates, 2015-2016 Time Scarcety Intervention Students participating in happiness training, USA, 2014 Change activity or circumstance Participants in a happiness training, USA 200? Testosterone administration and sex reassignment surgery FTM transsexuals followed for 5 years since start of treatment, 2001-2008, Netherlands and Germany change happiness after (vs before) sex reassignment Transgender men and women, before and after sex reassignment surgery, UK, 2012-2014 Appreciation of Beauty Intervention Aged 18-69, Spain, 2016 Time after sex reassignment surgery Transgender women undergoing gender reassingment surgery, 2003-2015, Sweden Gratitude and Relaxation Interventions Student participants in a psychological training, USA, 2010 ENHANCE Happiness Intervention Adults, Canada and USA, 2016 Gratitude intervention Students employed for > 10 hours a week, , USA, 2008 24 week TaiChi program Low active elderly participants in an exercise training and controls, USA, 199? Gratitude training Psychology students participating in a training, USA Centralization in canton 14+ aged general public, Switserland, followed 12 years 1999-2012 Hormone treatment (TU vs TE) Transgender men on testosterone treatment, followed 5 years, Italy, 201? Retirement status 55-75 aged adults, Australia, followed 17 years, 2001-2018 Smoking ban 15+ aged, 41 European countries and regions 1990-2011