List of associated researchers

Colleague researchers from all over the world can take responsibility for a part of the World Database of Happiness. Currently the following colleagues are involved.

NameAffiliationResponsible for section onTerm (4 years)
Yufi Adriani (dr.)State Islamic University Jakarta, IndonesiaHappiness in Indonesia2020-2024
Dimitriz Ballas (prof. dr.)Professor, University of Groningen, NetherlandsHappiness in Regions2018-2022
Badri Bajaj (dr.)Jaypee Institute for Information Technology, Noida, IndiaHappiness in India2020-2024
Elizabeth BothmaAssistant professor, North West University, South AfricaHappiness in South Africa2018-2022
Mark Chekola (prof. dr.)Emeritus professor, University of Minnesota, Dpt. of PhilosophyBibliography of Happiness,
section Philosophy of Happiness
Pablo Dias (prof. dr.)Professor of psychology. Catholic University of Braga, PortugalCorrelational findings on happiness and School2020-2024
Lilian Jans-Beken (dr.)Student coach and writer, Venray, The NetherlandsCorrelational Findings on Gratitude2020-2024
Akiko Kamasaka (prof. dr.)Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University, JapanHappiness in Japan2016-2020
Sahar SamavatiPhD student urban design
Tarbiat Modarres University, Teheran Iran
Happiness and urban design2020-2024
Ekaterine Selezneva (dr.)Researcher, Ost-Europa Institut, Regensburg, GermanyHappiness in Russia2011-2015
Maja Tadic (dr.)Researcher Pilar Institute, Zagrb, CroatiaHappiness in Croatia2018-2022
Siok Kuan Tambyah (dr.) & Soo Jiuan Tan (dr.)
National University of Singapore, SingaporeHappiness in Singapore2018-2022
Paul ThomasEconomist, IndiaHappiness and Modernity2020-2024
Hector Vargas (dr.)Lecturer, Talca University, ChileHappiness in Chile2018-2022
Paul Wong (dr.)Research Institute for Flourishing and suffering, CanadaHappiness and perceived meaning
Happiness in China

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