What is this Collection of Correlational Findings on Happiness?


  • Empirical research findings on correlates of happiness; factors found to be statistically associated to happiness and non-correlates
  • Only findings yielded by indicators that validly tap happiness as the overall enjoyment of one’s life-as-a-whole
  • All findings that could be traced, not only those published in scientific journals

Coverage at 1-7-2020

  • ±20,000 correlational findings
  • taken from ±2600 studies, reported in ±2000 publications
  • almost complete coverage of studies that reached the International Abstracts
  • incomplete but considerable coverage of findings published in books and grey reports


  • Focused excerpts of empirical studies involving one or more acceptable happiness measures. These excerpts inform about:
    • bibliographic source: author, title, book or journal, year
    • study design: data gathering, sampling
    • happiness measure: full description
  • Standard abstracts of correlational research findings ordered by subject, country and time. These abstracts provide information about:
    • bibliographic source: author, year, page reference
    • study design: population, sample, number of subjects, year
    • correlate: author’s label, measurement, subject-category
    • happiness measure: type
    • statistics: association, significance
    • elaborations of the statistical relationship

How to cite

Earlier book-versions

  • Data book of happiness. Kluwer Academic 1984, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, ISBN 90-277-1794-X, 580 pages. Out of print, but electronic copy available
  • Correlates of Happiness, 7838 findings from 603 studies in 69 nations 1991-1994, RISBO, 1994, Rotterdam; ISBN 90-72598-47-8 (3 volumes). Out of print, contents included in the present database

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