Correlational findings

Study Heintzelman et al. (2019): study ZZ Anglo-America 2016

Adults, Canada and USA, 2016
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 133
Non Response
Multiple assesment methods
Online or in person


Authors's Label
ENHANCE Happiness Intervention
Our Classification
No differences between in person and online mode, so analyzed as 1 group.
1a. Online n = 50
1b. In person n = 27
0a. Online n = 50
0b. In person n = 28
Related specification variables
Participants were randomly assigned to
1  ENHANCE. 12 week program with (a) 3 modules focusing on the core self-helping participants identify who they are and
what they want out of life, (b) emphasizes the experiential self-helping participants in their
interactions with their internal and external experiences, (c) 4 modules that focus on the social self, covering aspects important to maintaining healthy close relationships
as well as connections with more distant acquaintances and strangers, and (d) 1 mudule focusing on program reflection, person–activity fit, and habit development.
Each module follows a three-part format with (a) a didactic learning component, (b) an activity to put the principle into practice, and (c) companion writing activities
0  WAITING LIST CONTROL. 12 weeks on waiting list, followed by 12 weeks ENHANCE

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AB-cm-mq-v-5-fa DM = +              T0    T1    T2    T1-T0  T2-T0
ENHANCE all  1,03  2,06  1,72  +1,03  +0,69   
Controls     1,14  1,26  1,39  +0,12  +0,25
-DIFFERENCE                    +0,91  +0,44
A-AB-cm-mq-v-5-fa D%sr = + ENHANCE all                    + 13%   + 9%  
Controls                       +  2%   + 3%
-DIFFERENCE                    + 11%   + 6%

Change between groups significant for positive affect post treatment (p<0.01)and at follow-up (p<0.05). Change between groups significant for negative affect at post treatment only (p<0.01). Thus change in AB between groups significant post treatment.

T0 Baseline
T1 Post 12 weeks treatment
T2 After 3 months follow-up