Development history of the World Database of Happiness

1984: First version in books: ‘Conditions of Happiness‘, and related ‘Databook of Happiness

1990: Second version in books: ‘Bibliography of Happiness‘, ‘Happiness in Nations‘, ‘Correlates of Happiness

1994: Initial Web-site (FTP platform)

1998: First website with on-line facilities

2001: Collection ‘Measures of Happiness‘ added

2003: Finding Reports added

2003: Data file ‘States of Nations’ added

2005: Data file ‘Trends in Nations‘ added. World Map of Happiness added

2010: Collection ‘Happiness in Regions‘ added, as part of Happiness in Nations

2013: Integration of the three (Bibliography, Happiness in Nations, Correlational findings) MS Access data files into one

2017: Migration of the data in MS Access to MS Azure SQL Database; MS Access still operational for user management of the data

2020: Launch of a newly designed website. A lot of search tools added; the old (archive) website still partly in use for he time being

2022: All remaining components of the old website integrated into the new one. Old (archive) website closed.

202?: Version-1 as left by Ruut Veenhoven archived in the library of Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Copies are available for Continuation of this database.

Last update: 26-03-2023