Have us enter your work

Check eligibility
If you consider your work relevant to this World Database of Happiness, please send a copy to the address below. ‘Grey’ papers are also welcomed. We will check whether that work is eligible for inclusion and let you know.
A first check will be whether the paper involves information about happiness as defined here. If so, the publication will be included in the Bibliography of Happiness free of charge.
If your publication reports an empirical study on happiness, we next check whether at least one of the measures of happiness used fits our validity demands as explained here. If so, the findings obtained with these measures are eligible for inclusion in in the Collection of Distributional Findings and/or in the Collection of Correlational Findings.

What we can do
In that case, your findings can be entered in the database. This requires that they are described on electronic ‘finding pages’, in a standard format and terminology as explained here. That is a demanding job, which we cannot do for free. We are ready to do it for real cost.
Once agreed, we make a ‘study excerpt’ which we send to you for a check. An example of a study excerpt is here.

What you can do
You can do part of the job by suggesting notation of your findings on this form. If OK, we will copy/edit such texts when entering your findings in the database. Note that notation is not easy and that we maintain strict standards.

What we charge
Costs will depend on the size and complexity of your findings. Send us a copy of your research report and we make you an offer. Count with a basic fee of Euro 50.

Why this is worth the costs
Inclusion of your work in the World Database of Happiness will add to its use, your findings on happiness will be better visible and more often cited, in particular when included in a research synthesis using this source. Look here for examples of such citations.
When compared to the costs of producing the work, the cost of inclusion in the World Database of Happiness will be minimal.

Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization EHERO,
Erasmus University Rotterdam. POB 1738, NL3000 DR Rotterdam, Netherlands,