Correlational findings

Study Dosset (2011): study US 2008

Psychology students participating in a training, USA
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 64
Non Response
Questionnaire: Conputer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)
All surveys and journal entries were completed online. Mass email reminders were sent to participants with electronic links and instructions for completing each part of the study. Additionally, verbal announcements were made to participating classes.


Authors's Label
Gratitude training
Our Classification
1: n = 43
0: n = 21
Related specification variables
1 TREATED: Participants in the gratitude group were asked to keep a daily list of up to five things for which they are grateful over a period of two weeks.

0 CONTROLS  were asked to list
up to five interesting things that happened to them each day for a period of two weeks.

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-BW-c-mq-v-5-c DM = - ns                 M happiness at     Difference
                T1    T2    T3     T2-T1 T3-T1
Treated         17,9  16,5  14,5   -1,4  -3,4
Controls        10,9  14,2  11,1   +3,3  +0,3
T/C difference                     -4,7  -3,7
A-BW-c-mq-v-5-c D%sr = - ns Treated                            -1,7% -4,2%
Controls                           +4,1% +0,4%
T/C difference                     -5,8% -4,6%

T1: Pre-intervention
T2: Post 2 week intervention
T3: Follow-up after 3 weeks

No significant with-in or between group effects for either PA nor NA and hence neither for Affect Balance.

No difference across personality types