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Illustrative topics for sponsoring are:

  • Happiness in places:
    Where do people live happiest? Where are differences in happiness smallest? Do determinants and consequences of happiness differ across places?
    – Countries
    – Regions
    – Cities
  • Happiness of particular people
    How happy are these people? What determines their happiness? Do they differ from the general population in their country?
    – Children
    – Elderly
    – Pensioners
    – Medical patients
    – Self-employed
    – Part-time workers
    – Minorities
    – ….
  • Lifestyle and happiness
    What do happy people do? Which of the happy people’s behaviors differ from those of less happy people? What kinds of people profit most from particular life styles?
    – Consumption,saving
    – Culture participation
    – Education,e.g. yield of higher education
    – Family,e.g. having children
    – Health
    – Home ownership
    – Income
    – Internet use
    – Migration,moving
    – Occupation
    – Sporting
    – Therapies,training
    – Travel
    – Use of health services
    – Work conditions
    – …..
  • Effects of happiness
    What are the consequences of enjoying life or not on ..
    – Health
    – Civil behavior
    – Sex life
    – Work performance
    – ……

Illustrative presentations of reviewed topics

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