Data Trend Happy Life-Years in Nations

Happy Life Years (HLY) is a measure of is how long and happy the average citizen of a country lives.
Computation: HLY = 0-1 m * life, where: m is mean happiness and life is life expectancy at birth
This concept is discussed in Veenhoven, R. Happy life-expectancy. A comprehensive measure of quality-of-life in nations Social Indicators Research, 1996, vol. 39, pp. 1-58

Trend average happiness in nations
Trend life expectancy in nations
Happy Life YearsComputed from ls4_be and life_behly_beBelgium1973
Computed from ls4_de and life_dehly_deGermany (re-united)1991
Computed from ls4_dee and life_deehly_deeGermany (former East)1990
Computed from ls4_dew and life_dewhly_dewGermany (former West)1973
Computed from ls4_dk and life_dkhly_dkDenmark1973
Computed from ls4_eu8 and life_eu8hly_eu9*EU-91973
Computed from ls4_fr and life_frhly_frFrance1973
Computed from ls4_gr and life_grhly_grGreece1981
Computed from ls4_ie and life_iehly_ieIreland1973
Computed from ls4_it and life_ithly_itItaly1973
Computed from ls45_jp and life_jphly_jpJapan1958
Computed from ls4_lu and life_luhly_luLuxemburg1973
Computed from ls4_nl and life_nlhly_nlNetherlands1973
Computed from ls4_pt and life_pthly_ptPortugal1985
Computed from ls4_sp and life_sphly_spSpain1985
Computed from ls4_uk and life_ukhly_ukUK (Great Britain)1973
Computed from mix_us and life_ushly_usUSA1948

*  Weighted average: EU-9 (2015) = Belgium x 0.036 + Denmark x 0,018 + France x 0,213 + West-Gernamy x 0,260 + Ireland x 0,015 + Italy x 0,195 + Luxemburg x 0,002 + Netherlands x 0,054 + UK x 0,208

Same variable in data file ‘States of Nations’ Happy Life Years