Directory of Happiness Investigators


  • Scientists who have published on subjective appreciation of life as a whole and who’s work is included in the Bibliography of Happiness.
  • Research groups that focus on the quality-of-life.

Coverage at 1-7-2020:

  • About 18.000 names
  • Recent email addresses available for about half the number
  • Fairly complete up to 2019


  • Name
  • Institution
  • Email address
  • Publications on happiness


  • Names can be browsed on this website.
    • Go to the search screen of this Bibliography and click in the field ‘author’. A list of names will appear in the box.
    • If you click on a name, the publications of this author will be listed below the search screen
  • Address data can be made available to peer-researchers for scientific purposes only
    • A list of names and addresses is sent on request as an email attachment
    • Investigators can be selected by nation, year of publication and subjects of publication
    • Submit a request with rationale to