Home team: Veterans

The World Database of Happiness developed in the 1980s. Over the years the following people have added to this source.

Amsterdam (Karien)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1990
Arampatzi (Effi) Mscjunior researcherEntry of Correlational Findings2015-2016
Bakkeren-Zofcsik (Herta) drs.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1999-2004
Baldew (Lucette) drs.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1990
Balhuizen (Piet) ir.volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1999-2000
Bergsma (Ad) dr.senior researcherResearch synthesis, Data analysis2012-2015
Berg (Maarten) dr.junior researcherAnalysis of findings on Happiness in Nations2004-2010
Blok (Anneke)senior volunteerBibliography2005-2019
Boelhouwer (Cunie)senior volunteerBibliography2007-2012
Booij (Alexandra) drs.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2007
Borst (Gerard) drs.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Brule (Geal) dr.PhD candidateAnalysis of Happiness in Nations, focus on freedom2010-2015
Buijt (Ivonne) (drs)managing directorBibliography, Office management2017-2023
DenBuitelaar (Carla)senior volunteerBibliography, Office management1990-2015
Choi (Yowon) MAresearcherEntry of Correlational Findings2003-2006
Elia (Armand)senior volunteerEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations2008-2011
DeHeer (Henk) senior volunteerIT, database design1997-2006
DeJonge (Tineke) (dr.)senior volunteerInternational Happiness Scale Interval Study2011-2019
DeKoster (Willem)student assistantEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations and States of Nations2002-2004
DeLang (Tineke)senior volunteerText processing, Bibliography1990-1993 2016-2017
DeVries (Astrid)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1995
Dijkstra (Nanning) drs.senior volunteerIT1991-1996
Eberth Juliane)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings2009
Ehrhardt (Joop) ir.Senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings, Statistics, data analysis1989-1995
Euverman (Teije) (dr.)senior volunteerStatistics2018-2022
Godoy (Deborah) dr.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings, Happiness Scale Interval Study2009
Gokdemir (Ozge) dr.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings2009
Graven (Elly)data typistText processing1982-1983
Hagendoorn (Tom) drs.volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1985
Hendriks (Martijn) Mscjunior researcherEntry of Correlational Findings
Research synthesis on Happiness and Migration
Herwig (Leo)senior volunteerText processing1999-2000
Hidskes (jeanne)secretaryText processing1976-1982
Hordijk (Hans)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1986
Huijsmans (Tineke) drs.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2008-2013
Jalink (Marijke ) drs.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Jansen (Henk ) mr.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2000
Jansen (Ton)volunteerText processing1989
Jonkers (Ton)student assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1978-1982
Kalmijn (Wim) dr. ir.senior volunteerStatistics. Focus on Happiness Scale Interval Study1998-2015
Karatas (Esra) Msc.PhD candidateEntry of Correlational Findings 
Focus on happiness of elderly migrants
VanKempen (Loes) dr.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2014-2015
Koopman (Janna)Senior volunteerBibliography2006-2020
Kroon (Thea)volunteerBibliography1988-1990
Lans (Ems) mr.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998-1999
Lelieveldt-Pot (Tonny) drs.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998-2001
Ligthart (Aart) drs.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2001
Lips (Mirjam)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1990-1991
Metz (Bernard) MDsenior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2003-2006
Mieras (Hans) ir.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998-2012
Moors (Bart)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1984
Mulder (Joop)senior volunteerText processing, Documentation1985-2020
Nagtegaal (Bas)senior volunteer Entry of Correlational Findings 2018-2019
Noordergraaf (Mirko)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Okma (Pietrica) drs.senior volunteerData analysis, Happiness and Age1997-2000
Ouweneel (Piet) (drs)
senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings, Data analysis 1985-2021
Propp (julia)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings2009
Rakic (Bettinka)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings199?
Schinkel (Willem)student assistantEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations1998-2000
Schultz (Ida)student internEntry of Correlational Findings2013
Schuppen (Gerrit)volunteerEntry of findings in States of Nations1995
Shinnick (Jessica) MAvolunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2005
Smit (Sander)student assistantEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations and States of Nations2000-2002
Smeets-Wong (Joyce) Bsc.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1994-1995
Stevens (Henrik)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Sie Dhian Ho (Monica)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1992
Strubbe (Inge) drs.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Swellengrebel (Arien)senior volunteerText processing2001
Swier (Ruud)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2000
Timmermans (Desiree)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1997
Teeuw (Marcel)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Thaens (Marcel)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1989
VandenBerg (Devorah)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings2008
VanderJagt-Dragt (Elly) drs.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2004
VanHecke (Treze) mr.lic.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2007-2012
VanKempen (Loes) dr.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2014-2015
VanKooten (Gerrit)student assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1980-82
VanKooten (Pascal)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2011
VanLuyn (Heleen) traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1987
VanderPoel (George) MD dr.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings
Focus on health
VanRijswijk (Agnet)senior volunteerText processing1991
VanSchoonhoven (Renee)student assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1984
VandeVooren (Jan) dr.senior volunteerMeta-analysis2006-2020
VanderVlugt (Frank) (ir.)senior volunteerEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations and  Correlational Findings2009-2022
Vijverberg-VanLeeuwen (Stanny)senior volunteerBibliography1997-2008
Hector Vargas (Hector) dr.visiting scholarHappiness in Nations, focus on entry data Latin America2011-2013
Vis (Prisca) drs.volunteer,
PhD student
Research synthesis of psychological strengths
Wartena (Paul) drs.researcher
senior volunteer
Entry of findings on Happiness in Nations, Happiness in Regions and States of Nations2000-2016
Weijenborg (Philo) mr.senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998
Wildschut (Gerard)senior volunteerEntry of findings in States of Nations2008-2019
Wissel (David)student assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1990
Wijnbelt (Mariska)student volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Zijlmans (Teun) MAvolunteerBibliography2009
Zuidgeest (Ems) (MD)senior volunteerBibliography2008-2021
Zweerus (Hanna) drs.traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1989