Home team: Veterans

The World Database of Happiness developed in the 1980s. Over the years the following people have added to this source. (then)TaskPeriod
Karien Amsterdamstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1990
Affi Arampatzi (Msc)junior researcherEntry of Correlational Findings2015-2016
Herta Bakkeren-Zofcsik (drs.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1999-2004
Lucette Baldew (drs.)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1990
Piet Balhuizen (ir.)volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1999-2000
Ad Bergsma (dr.)senior researcherResearch synthesis, data analysis2012-2015
Maarten Berg (dr.)junior researcherAnalysis of findings on Happiness in Nations2004-2010
Anneke Bloksenior volunteerBibliography2005-2019
Cunie Boelhouwersenior volunteerBibliography2007-2012
Alexandra Booij (drs.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2007
Gerard Borst (drs.)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Gael BrulePhD candidateAnalysis of happiness in nations, focus on freedom2010-2015
Carla DenBuitelaarsenior volunteerBibliography, office management1990-2015
Yowon Choi (MA)researcherEntry of Correlational Findings2003-2006
Armand Eliasenior volunteerEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations2008-2011
Henk DeHeersenior volunteerIT, database design1997-2006
Willem DeKosterstudent assistantEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations and States of Nations2002-2004
Tineke DeLangsenior volunteertext processing, bibliography1990-1993 2016-2017
Astrid DeVriesstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1995
Nanning Dijkstra (drs.)senior volunteerIT1991-1996
Juliane EberthtraineeEntry of Correlational Findings2009
Joop Ehrhardt (ir.)text processingEntry of Correlational Findings
Statistics, data analysis
Deborah Godoy (dr.)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings
Scale Study
Ozge GokdemirtraineeEntry of Correlational Findings2009
Elly Gravendata typisttext processing1982-83
Tom Hagendoorn (drs.)volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1985
Martijn Hendriks (Msc)junior researcherEntry of Correlational Findings Research synthesis Happiness and Migration2015-2016
Leo Herwigsenior volunteertext processing1999-2000
Jeanne Hidskessecretarytext processing1976-1982
Hans Hordijkstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1986
Tineke Huijsmans (drs.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2008-2013
Marijke Jalink (drs.)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Henk Jansen (mr.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2000
Ton Jansenvolunteertext processing1989
Ton Jonkersstudent assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1978-82
Wim Kalmijn (dr. ir.)senior volunteerStatistics. Focus on Happiness Scale Interval Study1998-2015
Esra Karatas (Msc.)PhD candidateEntry of Correlational Findings 
Focus on happiness of elderly migrants
Loes VanKempen (dr.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2014-2015
Thea KroonvolunteerBibliography1988-1990
Ems Lans (mr.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998-1999
Tonny Lelieveldt-Pot (drs.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998-2001
Aart Ligthart (drs.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2001
Mirjam Lipsstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1990-1991
Bernard Metz (MD)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2003-2006
Hans Mieras (ir.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998-2012
Bart Moorsstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1984
Marko Noordergraafstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Pietrica Okma (drs.)senior volunteerData analysis, happiness and age1997
Julia PropptraineeEntry of Correlational Findings2009
Bettinka Rakicstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings
Agnet van Rijswijksenior volunteerText processing1991
Willem Schinkelstudent assistantEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations1998-2000
Ida Schultzstudent internEntry of Correlational Findings2013
Gerrit SchuppenvolunteerEntry of findings in States of Nations
Jessica Shinnick (MA)volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2005
Sander Smitstudent assistantEntry of findings on Happiness in Nations and States of Nations2000-2002
Joyce Smeets-Wong (Bsc.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1994-1995
Henrik Stevensstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Monica Sie Dhian Hostudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1992
Inge Strubbe (drs.)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Arien Swellengrebelsenior volunteerText processing2001
Ruud Swiersenior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2000
Desiree TimmermanstraineeEntry of Correlational Findings1997
Marcel Teeuwstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Marcel Thaensstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1989
Devorah VandenBergtraineeEntry of Correlational Findings2008
Elly VanderJagt-Dragt (drs.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2004
Treze VanHecke (mr.lic..)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2007-2012
Gerrit VanKootenstudent assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1980-82
Pascal VanKootenstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings2011
Heleen VanLuyntraineeEntry of Correlational Findings1987
George VanderPoel (MD dr.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings
Focus on health
Renee VanSchoonhovenstudent assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1984
Stanny Vijverberg-VanLeeuwensenior volunteerBibliography1997-2008
Hector Vargas (dr.)visiting scholarHappiness in Nations, focus on entry data Latin America2011-2013
Prisca Vis (drs.)Volunteer, PhD candidateBibliography
Research synthesis of psychological strengths
Paul Wartena (drs.)researcher
senior volunteer
Entry of findings on Happiness in Nations, Happiness in Regions and States of Nations2000-2016
Philo Weijenborg (mr.)senior volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1998
Gerard Wildschutsenior volunteerEntry of findings in States of Nations2008-2019
David Wisselstudent assistantEntry of Correlational Findings1990
Mariska Wijnbeltstudent volunteerEntry of Correlational Findings1991
Teun Zijlmans (MA)volunteerBibliography2009
Hanna Zweerus (drs.)traineeEntry of Correlational Findings1989