How to add to this source

Add your work
If not included yet, we can add your findings on happiness in the archive. You can do part of the job. Click here to see how.
This will give a second life to your work; which will be available online in searches on your subject and be cited in reports of research synthesis using this findings archive. An example is found in this synthesis of effect studies on happiness training: note that included studies appear three times in such papers; a) in the list of included studies as in this case in table 1, right hand column, b) in the finding tables in links behind signs, as in this case in tables 3 to 10 and c) in the list of references.

Complete the collection of findings on a topic
If you use this database for a synthetic study on a particular topic, such as to chart the effects of education on happiness, you may see that not all the available research on that topic has been entered in the findings archive. If you opt to update the collection on that subject, proceed as indicated here.

Ask for the costs
In both cases you will need our help. Entering research findings in a standard format and terminology is not easy and we must maintain quality control. We cannot do this for free anymore and charge real costs.. Mail us your request and we will send you an offer. Count with a minimal fee of Euro 50.
Mail to: Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Additions will be recorded under your name and can be included in reports of your academic output. In the long run, it will be visible what you have contributed to the accumulation of knowledge on happiness.