You can consult us for questions about happiness research and policy.

We can help you if you want an overview of the available scientific knowledge on a particular aspect of happiness but lack the time or expertise to gather that information yourself. On request we do searches on the database and send selected presentations research findings and/or copies of key literature on the topic of your interest. We can also produce review papers on particular topics.

Add your work
We try to enter all the available research findings on happiness in this database, but lack the capacity to keep up with the growing stream of research results. As a result a lot of eligible research reports are on the waiting list. If you want to speed up inclusion of your work we can do this for you. More detail about paid entry is found here.

Data system
This findings archive contains research findings on happiness. The data system can also be tailored to other research topics, both subjective phenomena such as depression or objective things such illness. We can help you develop a variant tailored to your purpose.

Cost indication
Hourly tariffs range between Є 25 for a student assistant to Є 150 for a professor.

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