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Situation 1-1-2024

Prof. dr. Ruut Veenhoven
Erasmus University Rotterdam
PO Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: (..31) 10 4082102
Fax: (..31) 10 4089098

Ruut is responsible for the development of the World Database of Happiness and use of the technique for research synthesis

Aldham-Breary (Miranda) (Msc)senior volunteerEnglish text editing2016
Bom (Leen)senior volunteerStates of Nations data set2018
Ott (Jan) (mr. dr.)researcherEntry of Correlational Findings, focus on government
Analysis of findings on happiness in nations, focus on quality of government
Fredrik Radema (ir.)senior volunteerIT2008
Richters (Jos) (ing)senior volunteerBibliography, IT2010
Schouten (Peter)(BA E)senior volunteerBibliography2011
Sondermeijer (Bob) (drs)senior volunteerBibliography2019
VanOpstal (Marian) (dr)senior volunteerBibliography2024
Veenhoven (Jos) student assistantResearch synthesis happiness of transgenders2020
Veenhoven (Ruut) (prof. dr.)emeritus professorSupervision, data analysis, method development1980

The new website was build with the help of Stephan Erdtmann from the Happiness Research Organization in Germany and a team of people working at the IT department of Erasmus University consisting of Phillip Brands, Robin Fredriks, Ferry de Groot, Omar-Gabriel Tellers and Rebecca Rehorst.