Terms used for contents on this website

BibliographyList of scientific publications that contain information about happiness in the sense of the subjective enjoyment of one’s life as a whole. Contains a detailed subject classification.
DirectoryList of investigators on happiness, most of whom have authored a publication in the Bibliography.
Findings archiveCollection of results of empirical research, such as means and  correlations. A paper with full detail is found here.
Finding pageA structured presentation of a single research finding, which involves 1) the publication in which this result was reported, 2) the population in which this result was observed, 3) the method used to obtain the result, 4) the observed distribution of happiness in the population and 5) the observed correlate of happiness. Finding pages are ‘dynamic’, that is, they are made up instantly in response to a request from different collections in the data system. An example of a finding page is found here. Finding pages can be copied and saved in pdf.
Finding reportStructured combination of multiple research findings. Examples are: the Rank reports of Happiness in Nations.
HappinessSubjective enjoyment of one’s life-as-a-whole
Measure of happinessMethod for assessing how much people like the life they live.
PublicKind of people investigated. Next to the general public in nations, this data base distinguishes several special publics, such as the elderly and housewives.
PublicationA written report of scientific research on happiness, such as articles, books, dissertations and working papers. All publications that involve information about happiness in the sense of subjective enjoyment of life are gathered in the Bibliography of Happiness. One publication can report more than one ‘study’
StudyInvestigation on happiness in a particular population.
SurveyLarge scale opinion poll, typically among the general public in a country and often part of a program of periodical assessments. An example is the US General Social Survey (GSS)

Technical term used for the description of research findings are defined in the Introductory text to the collection of Correlational Findings, chapter 3 Notation of findings, section 3.4 ‘Technical terms used in the finding pages’