How to search in this Bibliography of Happiness

This Bibliography of Happiness lists scientific publications on the subjective enjoyment of one’s life as a whole. All publications have been read to judge whether they deal with happiness in that particular sense. The collection involves a detailed subject classification and provides links to the full texts when possible. On this site the bibliography can be searched in the following ways:

Search on Bibliographics

  • Search on (co)author
    Enter a name (or part of) in the search field ‘author’, e.g. when entering ‘d’ a list of authors will appear with that first letter in the name. If you click one of these, e.g. ‘Diener’ a table with publications will appear at the bottom of your screen, all of which have an author with that name. You can sort the columns of the table by using the arrows in the top row.
  • Search on title
    Enter words of a title in the search field ‘title’, e.g. ‘old’. A list of all titles in which that word is used will appear
  • Search on source
    Enter the name of a journal or publisher in the search field ‘source’, e.g. ‘happiness studies’ and a list of all publication in the Journal of Happiness Studies will appear

Search on Subject

  • Search in classification
    This bibliography involves a detailed subject classification, which you can browse using the boxes on the search screen.
    When you click ‘Show classification’, a list of main subject categories appears. If you click the icon on the left of each category, further sub-categories appear.
  • Search on keyword
    You can also enter a word in the text field , e.g. the word ‘age’ will bring you to the subject categories ‘age’ and ‘ageing’. This option does not limit to words used in the description of subject categories, but also works for synonyms and related words. For example, using the keyword ‘old’ you get also publications categorized under ‘elderly’.

Sort selected publications

Selected publications are presented in a table format, the collumns of which can be sorted, clicking the arrows in the top-row

Save selection

You can save a selection you made using the save-icon at the bottom-right of the search screen as you can see here

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