Overview of reports in the World Database of Happiness

This database generates various ‘reports’, that is, selections of information about happiness presented in an easy to overview way. Reports can be downloaded as a file and printed on paper. They can be cited as a separate publication.

The database involves the following reports on happiness in nations.

Reports on happiness in Single Nations
These reports present an overview of all findings in a particular nation, such as France. The reports give an overview of level and trend of happiness in the nation and provide links to all distributional findings and correlational findings.

Report on happiness in Multiple Nations, sorted by type of happiness measure used
Distributional findings on happiness in nations grouped by measure type and within measures by nation and year

Rank reports of Happiness in Nations
These reports list nations using the best comparable measure of overall happiness. Reports are available on four aspects of happiness:
1) Average happiness measured using the mean
2) Inequality of happiness measured using the standard deviation
3) Happy life years, measured using a combination of average happiness and life expectancy in the country
4) Inequality adjusted happiness measured using a combination of the mean and standard deviation.
Listings can be sorted on nation, score and rank.
These rank-reports cover 10-year periods; the most recent rank reports cover the years 2010-2019 (2010s)
Rank reports on happiness in nations in earlier periods are found here.

Trend reports of Happiness in Nations
These reports presents time series of happiness in nations, for which at least 10 comparable data points are available over a period of at least 20 years. These trends are also available for the above mentioned four aspects of happiness.