What is this collection of Distributional Findings on Happiness in Nations?


  • Distributions of happiness in nations, as observed in representative samples of the general population.
  • Only findings based on survey questions, that validly tap an individual’s ‘overall appreciation of his own life-as-a-whole’.

Coverage at 1-7-2020

  • about 12.705 distributions in 173 nations between 1945-2019.
  • Responses to equivalent questions in 151 nations 2009-2019
  • Time series for 15 countries of twenty years and more.
  • All first and (former) second world countries, and also data from some third world nations.
  • Fairly complete up to 2018

Features: .

  • Happiness indicator: full text of survey questions.
  • Statistics: frequency distribution in %, mean and standard deviation. Comparison is facilitated by transformation of all scores to range 0-10.
  • Number of respondents, non-response.
  • Bibliographics: author, title, year of publication, page reference.
  • Survey name: name of survey program or institute, location of data file.

Additional sources for analysis of happiness in nations

  • Reports on happiness in nations: rank reports and trend reports
  • Data-file States of Nations, which contains data in happiness in nations together with various nation characteristics
  • Data file Trends in Nations, which contains time series on happiness in nations
  • International Happiness Scale Interval Study, which generates values by means of which rating on verbal response scales can be transformed to a common 0-10 numerical scale.