What is this data file ‘Trends of in Nations’?


  • Assessing trends of happiness in nations
  • Explaining change in happiness in nations over time


  • Nations in which the distribution of happiness is assessed by means of general population surveys over a period of at least 20 years and involving at least 10 comparable data points

Nations covered at: 1-3-2023

  • Since 1940s: 2
  • since 1950s: 3
  • since 1960s: 8
  • since 1970s: 16
  • since 1980s: 18
  • since 1990s: 42
  • since 2000s: 41


Data file

  • The data are taken from the collection of Distributional Findings on Happiness in Nations
  • The data are stored in an Excel file named, TrendsInNations_2023e.xlsx which is available for download.
    This Excel file can be used as such or be uploaded in a program for statistical analysis, such as R or SPSS.
  • This data file is an open source and can be used if cited properly
  • Additions are welcomed and will be acknowledged on this page. Contact

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Veenhoven, R. (202?) Trends in Nations; Data file to be used for the longitudinal analysis of societal conditions for happiness. World Database of Happiness, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
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