What is this Bibliography of Happiness?



  • Any scientific publication that refers to the subjective appreciation of life-as-a-whole, even if this subject is only a side-issue.
  • Not included are related fields like ‘mental health’, ‘social adjustment’ ‘alienation’ and satisfaction with ‘domains of life’.

Coverage at 1-7-2020

  • About 15000 publications.
  • Almost complete coverage of the social-science literature up to 2019 in English, German, and Dutch.
  • Includes journal articles, books, dissertations, conference papers and unpublished research reports.


  • Title descriptions involving:
    • Author, title, publisher or journal, year of publication
    • Language of the report
    • Type of study
  • Subject classification of about 450 categories
  • Classification of reported empirical studies by
    • Time frame: past / present / future / perceived change
    • Variant measured: overall happiness / hedonic level / contentment
    • Eligible for inclusion in the findings archive, depending on whether the happiness measure fits our conceptualization
    • If eligible: finding entered in the database or waiting to be entered
  • Links to full text of about half of the publications

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