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Correlational subject: Full-time vs part-time

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EMPLOYMENT Size of current job Full-time vs part-time
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Fulltime employment 18-59 aged whites, non-institutionalized, USA, 1972-75 Part-time work 50+ aged, with no children under age 18 at home, USA,1973-78 Full-time work 50+ aged, with no children under age 18 at home, USA,1973-78 Employed status 50+ aged males, fulltime employed at T1, followed ten years, Iowa, USA, 1964-74 Employment White married mothers with children under age 13, USA 1956 Labor market position 16-65 aged, general public, Germany, followed from 1984 to1993 Work 16-18 aged, Germany, 2000-2001 Type of employment 18+ aged, general public, Eastern European Countries, 1991 Household type 20-65-aged; Netherlands, 2004 Mother's work status Mothers with children age 4-10, USA,1980 Part-time work Working class mothers, USA, 1974 Mother's employment status Parents with children 4-10, USA, 1980 Full time Work Status 18+ aged, general public, Australia, 2004 Employment status 22-64 aged women, USA, 1977 Employment status 33 year aged women and husbands, Great Britain,1991 Work status 18+ aged, general public, USA, 1976-1989 Part-time vs full-time work 42 aged, UK, 2000 Part-time vs full-time work Employed people, Finland, 2000 Part-time vs full-time work Marrieds and divorced, Estonia, 2003 Current employment status Couples, Australia, followed 4 years 2001-2004 Full-time/Parttime employment Salaried workers, Switzerland, 2000-2001 Employment status 16+ aged, general public, 16 nations, 1995 Employement status 18+ aged, general public, Turkey, 1990-2001 Employment status Working class mothers with children under 14, UK, 1975 Employment status Married women aged 20-59, Germany, followed 10 years, 1996-2006, Work status of the mother 12-15 aged, Canada, 1998 Employment status Married women aged 20-59, United Kingdom, followed 10 years, 1996-2006, Employee (part-time) 15+ aged general public, Australia, 2001 Working full-time 25+ aged general public, United States, 2000-2006 Employment status 18-65 aged general public, Germany, followed 16 years, 1994-2009 Work part time 18+ aged, general public, World, 2005 Labor force status 18+ aged, households' heads, Germany, 1984-2006 Working Part-time 18+ aged, general public, Germany, 1984 Employment status 21-64 aged general public, East Germany, 1991-2001 Wife's work status Farm operators, Alabama, USA, 1981 Employment 18-55 aged, physically disabled, USA,1992 Work status Married women, 44 nations, 2000 Employment status of mothers 20-50 aged mothers, Austria, 2003 Employment status 20-50 aged Mothers, Belgium , 2003. Being in labour force 18-62 aged women, Germany, 2005-2009 Full-time, part-time work 18-62 aged women, Germany, 2005-2009 Job status 16+ aged, general public UK, 2012 Maternal employment Mothers, Germany, followed 15 years, 1994-2009 Full-time employee 18+ aged general public, 27 EU member states, 1994-2013 Socio-economic positions General public, Flanders, Belgium, 2011+ 2012 Occupation 35-65 aged, general population, Germany, followed 4 years1994-2008 Wife's employment status Couples, Indiana, USA, 1986 Working part-time 15+ aged, general public, New Zealand, 2008 - 2012