Correlational findings

Study Berry & Williams (1987): study US Indiana 1986

Couples, Indiana, USA, 1986
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 265
Non Response
36% of the eligibles
Interview: face-to-face
Personal interview for one spouse + additional questionnaires for the other spouse and adolescent(s)


Authors's Label
Wife's employment status
Our Classification
Wife's part-time employment:
Wives: Mean: 0.20, SD: 0.40
Husbands: Mean: 0.22, SD: 0.42

Wife's full-time employment:
Wives: Mean: 0.25, SD: 0.43
Husbands: Mean: 0.27, SD: 0.45
Selfreport on a 3-proposals single question by asking whether the wife worked for money:
a: no
b: yes, but less than 35 hours per week
c: yes, 35 hours per week or more

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SQL-?-sq-v-7-a r = -.11 HUSBANDS

b: wife's part-time employment
O-SQL-?-sq-v-7-a Beta = .00 Direct effect O-SQL-?-sq-v-7-a Beta = -.01 Indirect effects

Beta controlled for:
- socio-economic status
  - family income
  - education
  - net worth
- family situation
  - years married
  - number of children
  - wife's employment
- relation with spouse
  - management procedures
  - communication
  - value agreement