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Correlational subject: Social prestige of occupation

Classification path:
OCCUPATION Characteristics of current occupation Occupational level Social prestige of occupation
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Occupational prestige 18+ aged, married or widowed, USA,1972-73 Occupational prestige Adults, general public, City of Toledo, Ohio, USA, 1973 Social stratum 15-64 aged, general public, Finland, 1966 Perceived occupational prestige Adults, general public, students and peasants excluded, Poland, 1960 Occupational level. 21-65 aged general public, City of Utrecht,The Netherlands, 1967 Occupational prestige 18+ aged, general public, USA, 1974-1982 Occupational prestige 30-55 aged, general public, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1965 Jobprestige 16+ aged, general public, West-Germany, 1976 Occupational prestige of males 18-59 aged whites, non-institutionalized, USA, 1972-75 Occupational presti-ge Adults, general public, Western New York State, USA, 1975 Occupational prestige 15-64 aged, general public, Norway, 1971 Occupational prestige 18-79 aged, general public, Norway, 1982 Occupational prestige 50+ aged, whites, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 197? Socio-economic index 65+ aged, retired whites, Edmonton, Canada, 1976 Professional status 16+ aged, general public, Austria, 1984 Occupational prestige 18+ aged, general public, USA, 1972-1982 Occupational prestige 21-60 aged, urban areas, USA, 1963 - 64 Social Class 42 aged, Great Britain, 2000 Occupational status 20+ aged urban population, Wuhan city, China, 2001 Occupational status (ISEI) 25-80 aged, general public, Europe, Multiple nations, 2002 - 2012 Work disvalued 17+ aged general public, Hangzhou city, China 2011-2012 Work disvalued 17+ aged general public, Xiamen city, China 2011-2012 Work disvalued 17+ aged general public, Shenzhen city, China 2011-2012 Occupational level Adult general public, Frisia, Netherlands, 1994 System-relevant occupation Working population, Germany, during first months of corona pandemic, 2020