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Correlational subject: Sufficiency of current income

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INCOME Sufficiency of current income
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Subjective/objective adeqacy fit. 18+ aged, general public, USA, 1974 Family needs money Adult, general public, two poor rural villages, Garhwal area, Northern India, 1996 Income sufficiency 18+ aged, general public, former province Kuopio, Finland, 1991-1996 Money problems University students, Switzerland, 1998. Judgement of personal actual income People with income setback in past 2 years, The Netherlands, 2004 Finance Adults, USA, 198? Perceived sufficiency of income 16+ aged, general public, Russia, 1993 Household income Adults, general public, South Africa, 2002 Social grants Adults, general public, South Africa, 2002 Destitute: rent, food, utilities 18+aged general public, 15 EU member states and Turkey, 2003 Basic needs unmet 15+ aged, general public, 132 nations, 2005-2006 Financial Strain 60+aged, China, 2000 Financial adequacy Chinese elderly immigrants, Canada, 1991 Inadequate means to meet living expenses 70+aged, Hong Kong, 1991-1992 Financial strain 60+ aged, Hong Kong, 2000 Assessment of income 15+ aged, general public, Germany, 2002-2009 Financial need 65+aged Chinese migrants, Calgary, Canada, 2007 Meal or drink with friends/family 16+ aged, general public, UK, 2000 Economic situation 18+ aged, general public, Latin America, 1997-2007 Finance Students, Taiwan, 200? Family 'slack' Former employees, Ontario, Canada, 1982 Has a cash margin 18-75 aged general public, Sweden, followed 9 years1991, 2000 Subjective Economic Hardship 50+ aged general public, Germany, 2006 Subjective Economic Hardship 50+ aged, general public, Israel, 2006 Subjective Economic Hardship 50+ aged general public, Sweden, 2006 Personal economic situation 18+ aged general public Ukraine 2014-2015, Economic resource University students, South Korea, 2011 Difficulty paying bills 45-69 aged, South-East, Sweden, 2006 Income 15+ aged, Facebook users, France, 2013 Log of per capita income needed Adult general public, rural areas, China, 2003 Financial distress, making ends meet 50-75 aged, general public, 12 European nations, 2006-2007 Income sufficiency 20-64 aged, Finland, 2012 Financial incapability 16+ aged, United Kingdom, 1996-2000, 2002-2006