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Correlational subject: Social values

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VALUES: CURRENT PREFERENCES (own) Domain-specific value-preferences Social values
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Acceptance of social values Public highschool boys followed 3 years from grade 10, USA, 1966-69 Acceptance of social values Public highschool boys followed 8 years from grade 10, USA, 1966-74 Goal orientation Travelers, Norway, 200? Preference for participative leadership Adults, general public, 65 nations, 1995 and 1997 Yuppie Orientation College-educated (liberal arts) adults, USA, 1988 Value priorities, Relating 20+ aged, general public, Singapore, 2006 Values 12-16 aged, secondary schools pupils, Catalunya, Spain, 1999 Social Interest Scale 18+ aged, students, USA, 197? Social interest scale Non-teaching employees, university, Idaho, USA, 197? Social Interest Scale Undergraduate students, university, Idaho, USA,197? Social Interest Scale Psycology students, USA, University of Idaho, 197? Social trust 18+ aged, 79 countries, 1981-2007 Tendency to do kindnesses on principle Male college students, England, 1912 Personal values_A University students, USA, 1971