Correlational findings

Study Fordyce (1972): study US 1971

University students, USA, 1971
N = 86
Non Response:
Questionnaire: paper
And content analysis


Authors's label
Personal values_A
Our Classification
Combination scores of frequently mentioned values on the basis of content analysis of each Ss written philosophy of life:

a.  Happiness: combination score of:
    - happiness
    - enjoyment of life
    - inner peace
    - living life to its fullest
    - love of life
    - fun, excitement, good times
b.  Social values: combination score of all values relating to social interests.
c.  Striving values: combination score of all values relating to striving, accomplishment, goal seeking.
d.  Self values: combination score of all values of self-confidence, self- esteem, etc.
e.  Learning values: combination score of all educational and learning values.

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-ARE-md-sqr-v-10-a SNR = + p < .01 a.Happiness A-ARE-md-sqr-v-10-a SNR = + p < .01 b.Social A-ARE-md-sqr-v-10-a SNR = ns c.Striving A-ARE-md-sqr-v-10-a SNR = ns d.Self A-ARE-md-sqr-v-10-a SNR = ns e.Learning