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Correlational subject: Neurotic

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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Personality and mood University students, England, 1981 Neuroticism Undergraduate students, US, 199? Neuroticism Adults, general public, Baltimore, USA, 1981 Neuroticism College students, USA, 199? Trait Negative affectivity (NA) 12-18 aged, chronic headache patients, The Netherlands, 199? Neuroticism University students, USA, 2007 Trait negative affectivity (NA) 12-18 aged headache patients, The Netherlands, 1997 Neuroticism 55-85 aged retired civil servants, UK, 1990 Traits 20-55 aged, women, Germany, 1984-2007 Neuroticism Students in Germany; Japan; Mexico, USA and Teachers in Ghana, 1997 Neuroticism 55-85 aged, retired civil servants, United Kingdom, 199? Personality: Neuroticism 17+ aged, general public, Germany, 2004 Neuroticism index 16+ aged, recently fallen unemployed, Germany, 2007-2008 Neuroticism 17+ aged, general public, Germany, followed 7 years 2000-2006 Neuroticism Nursing professionals, 7 hospitals, Madrid, Spain, 2002 Big Five Dimensions and LOC 18+ aged, heads of households, Germany, 2000-2008 Neuroticism Students. London, UK, 2001 Personality variables 17-96 aged, general public Germany, followed 4 years 2005-2008 Big five personality 16+ aged general public, United Kingdom, 1996-2008 Neuroticism 18+ aged general public, Germany, followed 15 years, 1990 - 2005 Neuroticism 16+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2002 neuroticism 18+ aged, general public, Germany, 2010 Neuroticism FANS Students, Kuwait, 2004 Neuroticism NEO Students, Kuwait, 2004 Neuroticism University students, South Korea, 2011 Neuroticism 20-83 aged, general public, Tokyo, Japan, 2014