Correlational findings

Study Francis & Bolger (1994): study GB 1993

55-85 aged, retired civil servants, United Kingdom, 199?
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 50
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Bradburns Balanced Affect Scale together with the 24 item abbreviated Revised Eysenck Personality Questionnaire


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Selfreport on 12 questions:
a. Does your mood often go up and down?
B. Do you often ever feel ' just miserable' for no reason?
C. Are you an irritable person?
D. Are your feelings easily hurt?
E. Do you often feel 'fed-up'?
F.  Would you call yourself a nervous person?
G. Are you a worrier?
H. Would you call yourself tense or highly strong?
i. Do you worry too long after an embarassing experience?
J. Do you suffer from 'nerves'?
K. Do you often feel lonely?
L. Are you often troubled about feelings of guilt?

0 no
1 yes

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-BB-cm-mq-v-2-a r = -.38 p < .01