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authoritarian, conformist, dependent, powerless, self-determination

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Ego-Strength College students, Detroit, USA, 197? Independence of judgement Male undergraduates, University of Kansas, USA, 1967 Independence 50+ aged, whites, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 197? Personality structure Unemployed, followed 6 months after job loss, Linz Austria, 1983 Privacy index Adults, general public, Australia, 1978 Personal control Infertile couples and matched controls, followed 3 years, USA 1988-1990 Autonomy Adults, USA, 198? Autonomy 25+ aged, USA, 199? Need for cognition Voters, before and after presidential election, USA, 2000 Autonomy need satisfaction University students, USA and Singapore, 200? Autonomy Remitted mental out-patients and controls, Italy, 199? Self construal: independent University students India, 200? Self construal: interdependent University students India, 200? Self construal: independent Undergraduate university students, Germany , 200? Self construal: interdependent Undergraduate university students, Germany , 200?