Value principles in nations (Schwartz dimensions)

 Perceived importance ‘as a guiding principle in my life’.
Rated 0 (not important) to 7 (of supreme importance) by students and teachers
Conservatisma: national security, b: social order, c: reciprocation of favors, d: honoring elders, e: moderate, f: preserving public image, g: self discipline, h: politeness, i: family security, j: devout, k: obedient, l: clean, m: respect tradition, n: wisdom, o: forgiving1988-91ValueConservative_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Affective autonomya: enjoying life, b: exiting life, c: varied life, d: pleasure 1988-91ValueAffectiveAutonomy_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Intellectual autonomya: curious, b: broadminded, c: creativity 1988-91ValueIntellectualAutonomy_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Hierarchya: wealth, b:social power, c: authority, d: influential, e: humble 1988-91ValueHierarchy_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Masterya: succesful, b: ambitious, c: independent, d: daring, e: capable, f: choosing goals 1988-91ValueMastery_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Egalitarian commitmenta: helpful, b: social justice, c: equality, d: accepting my portion, e: honesty, f: loyal, g: world at peace, h: responsible, i: freedom 1988-91ValueEgality_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Harmonya: world of beauty, b: protecting environment, c: unity with nature 1988-91ValueHarmony_199033Schwartz 1994 table 4
Value individualismOpinion employees of business organizations:
Response to 5 forced choices, e.g. rely on yourself or colleagues.
Desirability rated for oneself and what most other people would think.
1989ValueIndividualism2_198940Smith 1996

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.