Economic values in nations

Work ethicMean for the ‘Spence-Helmreich Work Ethic Scale’ measuring Webers classical concept of a moral commitment to work.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueWorkCommitment_198838Lynn 1991 table 5
Achievement motivationMean for the ‘Ray-Lynn Achievement Motivation Scale’ measuring McClelland’s concept of a need for excellence.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueAchieve_198837Lynn 1991 table 7
MasteryMean for the ‘Spence-Helmreich Mastery Scale’ measuring the need for mastery of problems and events.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueMastery_198838Lynn 1991 table 9
CompetitivenessMean for the ‘Spence-Helmreich Competitiveness Scale’ measuring the motive to do better then others.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueCompetition_198838Lynn 1991 table 11
Achievement via conformityMean for the ‘Achievement via Conformity Scale’ measuring identification with the organisation and its succes.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueAchiveConform_198837Lynn 1991 table 13
Valuation of moneyMean for the ‘Valuation of Money Scale’ measuring the importance attached to money.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueMoney_198837Lynn 1991 table 15
Attitude to savingMean for the ‘Attitude to Saving Scale’ measuring the importance attached to saving.
Opinion of university students
1986-89ValueSaving_198838Lynn 1991 table 17
Attitude to economic competition Mean response to survey question: Competion is harmfull, brings out the worst in people (1) to Competition is good, it stimulates people to work hard and develop new ideas (10)
Opinion of general public
1990ValueEconCompetition_199041WVS item v128
1996ValueEconCompetition_199648WVS item v128
1990sValueEconCompetition_1990s63Mean 1990,1996

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Though developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, this source can also be used for other purposes.