Sex life in nations

Acceptance of sex% open minded about sex 2005SexAcceptance_200541Durex 2005
Rejection of premarital sex % believing that young people should abstain from sex untill marriage 2005SexReject Premarital_200541
Age of first sex education self report on survey question 2005SexAgeEducation_200541
Attitude to start of sex education public opinion on ideal age 2005SexIdealAgeEducation_200541
Dissatisfaction with fequency of sex % that wish they had sex more frequently 2005Sex WishMore_2005 41
Dissatisfaction with sexual variation % that feel their sex life is monotonous 2005SexMonotonous_200541
Satisfaction with sex life % happy with own sex life 2005SexSatisfaction_200541
Age of first sex self report on survey question 2005SexAgeFirst_200541
Frequency of intercourseself report of times per year on survey question 2000SexFrequency_200027Durex 2000: 12
2005SexFrequency_200541Durex 2005
Use of sex aids % likes experimenting with sex aids 2005SexToys_200541
Had extramarital sex % reporting experience with an extra-marital affair 2005SexExtramarital_200541
Had homosex% reporting to have had sex with same sex partner 2005SexHomo_200541
Has pornography % owning pornography 2005SexPorno_200541
Had unprotected sex % reporting to have had unprotected sex partner of whom one did not know sexual history 2005SexUnprotected_200541
Number of sexual partners self report of number of sexual partners ever in life 2005SexNumberPartners_200541
Unplanned pregnancy % reporting to have had an unplanned pregnancy 2005UnplannedPregnancy_200541

Related topics: Fertility, Private freedom (Freedom of… homosexuality, sex, sex with minors)
Related themes: Life style, Family, Values

The dataset Dataset ‘States of nations’ is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.