Child rearing values in nations

IndependencePublic opinion.
Question: “Here is a list of qualities (Good manners, Independence, Hard work, Feeling responsibility, Imagination, Tolerance and respect for people, Thrift (saving money and things), Determination (perseverance), Religious faith, Unselfishness, and Obedience) which children can be encouraged to learn at home”.
Which, if any, do you consider to be especially important?
Please choose up to five.
Scores refer to % of sample population that mentioned the specific quality as important
1990-91ValueChildIndependence_199034WVS2 item 227
1995-98ValueChildIndependence_199648WVS3 item 15
Obedience1990-91ValueChildObedience_199033WVS2 item 236
1995-98ValueChildObedience_199648WVS3 item 24
Tolerance 1990-91ValueChildTolerance_199034WVS2 item 231
1995-98ValueChildTolerance_199648WVS3 item 19

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for identification of societal conditions for happiness, can also be used for other purposes.