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Correlational subject: Skill level of occupation

Classification path:
OCCUPATION Characteristics of current occupation Occupational level Skill level of occupation
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Skill level Factory workers, blue collar, UK, 1977 Occupational skill level Adults, general public, Houston, Texas, USA, 1969 Skilled workers 21+ aged, general public, USA,1957 Working in learned job Employees, industry or service sector, Austria and West germany, ±1970 Semi-skilled occupation 50+ aged, Winnipeg,Canada, 1985 Social class 18+ aged, general public, EU 27 and Turkey, 2003 Occupational Status 42 aged, UK, 2000 Occupational Status Employed people, Finland, 2000 Occupational Status Marrieds and divorced, Estonia, 2003 Work 25-59 aged disability pensioners, Kristianstad, Sweden, 1992 Blue-collar labour Employed adults, EU28, multiple nations, 2008-2012 Cognitive skills 25-65 aged males, Indonesia, 2007