Correlational findings

Study WCIOM (2018): study RU 2018

18+ aged general public, Russia 2018
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N =
Non Response
Interview: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)


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Related specification variables
What is your main occupation at the moment?
a: Non-working retiree (including disability)
b: Unemployment student, student
c: Not working temporarily, unemployed
d: Busy housekeeping, on maternity leave, on parental leave
e: Skilled worker, including agriculture
f: Unskilled worker, including agriculture
g: Employees without higher education
h: Specialist with higher edication in the commercial sector
i: Specialist with higher educatrion - budgetary
j: Soldier in the army, internal affairs bodies, including the police and FSB
k: Businessman, entrepreneur
l: A state or municipal employee

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HP-g-sq-v-4-a D% = very happy%
a: Non-working retiree               30%
b: Unemployed student,               39%
c: Not working temporarily           23%
d: Busy housekeeping,                44%
e: Skilled worker,                   34%
f: Unskilled worker                  35%
g: Employee no higher education      30%
h: Specialist commercial sector      ??
i: Specialist budgetary sector       44%
j: Soldier                           62%
k: Businessman, entrepreneur         36%
l: A state or municipal employee     54%

quite happy%
a: Non-working retiree               48%
b: Unemployment  student,            44%
c: Not working temporarily,          43%  
d: Busy housekeeping,leave           46%
e: Skilled worker                    47%
f: Unskilled worker                  45%
g: Employees no higher education     56%
h: Specialist commercial sector      59%
i: Specialist budgetary sector       49%
j: Soldier                           34%
k: Businessman, entrepreneur         51%
l: A state or municipal employee     46%

not particularly happy%
a: Non-working retiree                7%
b: Unemployed, student               12%
c: Not working temporarily           18%
d: Busy housekeeping,                 4%
e: Skilled worker                    10%
f: Unskilled worker                   8%
g: Employee no  higher education      6%
h: Specialist commercial sector       4%
i: Specialist budgetary sector        3%
j: Soldier                            4%
k: Businessman, entrpreneur           7%
l: A state or municipal employee      0%

not at all happy%
a: Non-working retiree                4%
b: Unemployed student                 2%
c: Not working temporarily            8%
d: Busy housekeeping,                 3%
e: Skilled worker                     2%
f: Unskilled worker                   5%
g: Employee no higher education       2%
h: Specialist commercial sector       2%
i: Specialist budgetary sector        1%
j: Soldier                            0%
k: Businessman, entrepreneur          1%
l: A state or municipal employee      0%
O-HP-g-sq-v-4-a DM = Average happiness
a: Non-working retiree            M = 2.71
b: Unemployed, student            M = 3.11
c: Not working temporarily        M = 2.57
d: Busy housekeeping              M = 3.18
e: Skilled worker                 M = 2.92
f: Unskilled worker               M = 2.89
g: Employee no higher education   M = 2.96
h: Specialist commercial          M = 3.16
i: Specialist budgetary           M = 3.27
j: Soldier, police                M = 3.58
k: Businessman, entrepreneur      M = 3.11
l: government employee            M = 3.54