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feeling lonely, lonely

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Loneliness 15-64 aged, general public, Denmark, 1972 Loneliness 15-64 aged, general public, Finland, 1972 Loneliness 18+ aged, general public, EU 10, 1981 Loneliness 15-64 aged, general public, Norway, 1972 Loneliness 15-64 aged, general public, Sweden, 1972 Loneliness Nuns, Catholic congregations, USA, 1969 Felt lonely 18+ aged, general public, Dunedin, New Zealand, 198? Lonely or remote 20+ aged, general public, Puerto Rico, 1963-1964 Lonely 65+ aged, retired whites, Edmonton, Canada, 1976 Self-perceived loneliness 18+ aged, general public, The Netherlands, 1988 Being neglected or forgotten 18+ aged, general public, former province Kuopio, Finland, 1991-1996 loneliness 18-88 aged, general public, Denmark, 1993 loneliness 31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen Lonliness 18-64 aged adult twin pairs, Finland, 1975 Lonely University students, USA, followed 28 days, 199? Feeling lonely Adolescents, 29 nations, 2001 Frequency of loneliness 65+aged, Britain, 2000-2001 Increase in loneliness 65+aged, Britain, 2000-2001 Being lonely 18-85 aged, general public, 2 districts in city Kyiv, Ukraine, 2007 Immigrants Loneliness +18 aged Afghan immigrants, The Netherlands, 2016 feels lonely 60+ aged, general public, regions, Zimbabwe, 1994-1995 Loneliness Homeless, Madrid, Spain, 201? Social loneliness 15-44 aged, internet users, The Netherlands, 2012-2013 Feeling lonely 20+ aged general pubic, Israel, 2003-2012 not feeling lonely Nursing home residents, Netherlands, 2017 Feeling not isolated from others 15+ aged, general public, New Zealand, 2008 - 2012 Feeling lonely Adults, general public, Kazakhstan, 2010 Feeling of being lonely Cancer out-patients, Warsaw, Poland, 2008 Feeling Lonely Low-income urban households, Delhi, India, 2016