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RELIGION Current religious beliefs
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attitudes to religion, moral convictions, religious dogmatism, own faith

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Religiousness 18+ aged, general public, Great Britain, 1983 Religiosity Couples, USA, followed 12 years, 1980-1992 Religious beliefs 16+ aged, general public, Russia, 1993 Importance of religion 16+ aged, general public, Russia, 1993 Spirituality 18+aged, university students, USA, 2003 Religion 18+ aged, general public, Eastern European Countries, 1991 Religion Physicians, California, USA, 1984 Religiosty University students, Northern Ireland, 1995. religiousness University students, Great Britan, 1995 Attitude toward Christianity Anglican priest and church members, North England, 1998 Personal spirituality Students, religious affiliated college, USA, 199? Religion 18+ aged, general public, 18 nations, 1995-1997 Religious beliefs 16-80 aged, general public, Lahore, Pakistan, 2000 Religion 20+ aged, general public, Singapore, 2006 Spirituality 20+ aged, general public, Singapore, 2006 Religiosity 20-69 aged, general public, China, 2006 Religion important in life 18+ aged, general public, 70 nations, 1999-2008, Having a religion 18-85 aged, general public, 2 districts in city Kyiv, Ukraine, 2007 Catholic/Mormon 18-45 aged, aspirant migrants who stayed, Tonga, followed 3 years, 2005-2008 Religion 18-45 aged immigrants from Tonga, followed 3 years after migrattion, New-Zealand, 2005-2008 Importance of religion 18+ aged, general public, 74 countries, 1981-2004 Religiosity 14+ aged, general public, 23 EU nations 2002-2007 Faith in God Adults, varying age ranges, general public, Haryana, India, 2002 religious belief 15-60 aged, Thailand, 2007