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FRIENDSHIP Attitudes to friendship
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belief, mindset, outlook, stance, view

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Quantity and qualityof friendships Married males, followed ±12 years Baltimore, USA, 1958-1970 Support from friends Married academics, university of Georgia, USA, 1984 Perceived contribution of friends and social relationships Pregnant women, Spain, 200? Perceived contribution of friends and social relationships Exercisers and non-exercisers, Spain, 200? Relation with friends Students. London, UK, 2001 Communion emphasis 18+ aged, general public, 89 nations, 1995-2005 It is difficult to know who my real friends are Working people, the Netherlands, 2007 Sense of community on social media Internet users, Michigan, USA, 2014 Importance of friends Adults, China, 2002 Index Importance friends 18+ aged general public, 47 countries, 2008