Correlational findings

Study Bradburn (1969): study US 1963

21-60 aged, urban areas, USA, 1963 - 64
N = 2787
Non Response
± 20%, Attrition ± 30%
Interview: face-to-face
Repeated interviews at home using highly structured questionnaires


Authors's Label
Feeling of inadequate job performance
Our Classification
Sign reversed by WDH team. Self-perceived work performance is the reverse of "feeling of inadequate job performance".
Related specification variables
2 item index:
a:  feeling one is not doing as good a
     job as one would like to (ever/never)
b:   frequency of such feeling
       (often/  only once or twice)

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-BB-cm-mq-v-2-a DMr = + Data T1. Results T3 similar.
Computed for chief wage earners only.

Not computed for full ABS, but for positive and negative affect separately.

- Unrelated to positive affect.
- Strongly related to negative affect, in
  particular among males.

Affect level expressed in average ridits.
Ridit analysis compares distribution in category with distribution in total sample. RT above .50 means relative high level, RT below .50 relative low level.