Correlational findings

Study Andrews & Withey (1976): study US 1973 /1

18+ aged, general public, USA, 1973/7
N =
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face
Using highly structured questionnaires.


Authors's Label
Perceived overall life quality compared to others
Our Classification
Closed question: "Now let's compare your life...with the lives of six people you know well. It does not matter to us who these people are, but for your convenience write down the initials of each person in the boxes provided below. (Think of real people you meet from time to time.) Under each set of initials put a 'B' if you think that on the whole your life is better for you than that person's would be. Put an 'S' if yours seems about the same for you as that person's would be. Put a 'W' if yours seems worse for you than that person's would be."
Measure: average of up to six ratings, where B=3, S=2 and W=1

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-DT-u-sq-v-7-a mr = +.17 O-DT asked thrice during the interview:  
at the beginning, in the middle and at the end.
O-DT asked first : r=+.20
O-DT asked second: r=+.10
O-DT asked third : r=+.20
M-AO-u-sq-f-7-a r = +.10 C-BW-cy-sq-l-9-a r = +.10 O-GBB-u-sq-c-9-a r = +.20 O-HL-c-sq-v-3-aa r = -.20 O-HV-u-sq-v-7-b r = +.20 A-BB-cm-mq-v-2-a r = +.10 Index of positive affects: r=+.20
Index of negative affects: r=-.00