Correlational findings

Study Selim (2008): study TR 1990

18+ aged, general public, Turkey, 1990-2001
Survey name
INT-World Values Survey, pooled waves
N = 6338
Non Response
not reported
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Proud of nationality
Our Classification
Self report on single question on single question about being proud of the nationality.
0 no proud of nationality (reference)
1 proud of nationality

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLW-c-sq-n-10-a OLRC = + p < .01 proud of nationality (compared to no proud of nationality) O-HL-u-sq-v-4-a OLRC = + p < .01 proud of nationality (compared to no proud of nationaliy)

OLRC's are controled for:
- year dummies
- gender
- age
- marital status
- number of childeren
- education level
- type of employment
- income scales
- health status
- importance of life domains
- political orientations and trust

OLRC's cannot be interpreted as absolute effect sizes. Values are therefore not reported in this abstract.