Xin & Smyth (2010): study CN 2003


Xin, W.; Smyth, R.
Economic Openness and Subjective Well-being in China.
China & World Economy , 2010, Vol. 18, 22 - 40


18+ aged general public in 30 cities, China, 2003
Survey name
Unnamed study
Non-probability purposive-quota sample
N = 8867
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face
Respondents were interviewed in person in shopping districts of each city by a CMMRC employee trained in interview techniques.

Happiness Measure(s) and Distributional Findings

Full text:
Self report on single question:

'How satisfied are you with your life now?'
5  very satisfied
2  satisfied
3  neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
2  dissatisfied
1  very dissatisfied
Author's label:
Subjective Well-being
Page in publication:
Observed distribution
1: 2.6%,   2: 13.4%,   3: 41.9%,   4: 39.4%,   5: 2.8%   (total 100.1%)
Summary Statistics
On original range 1 - 5 On range 0-10
3.26 6.13
0.82 2.22

Correlational Findings

Author's label Subject Description Finding Openness of economy in province of city Openness of economy in region Income Household income Age Current age (in years) Gender Sex: male (vs female) Marital status Married (vs never married)
Never married (vs widowed)
Never married (vs divorced)
Remarried after divorce
Remarried after widowhood
Education Level of school-education
Vocational education
Occupation Unemployed involuntary
In working-force or not
Kind of occupation (profession)
Current status: retired or not
Social protection seen as a social problem Attitudes to social security
Concern about social security
Unemployment seen as a social problem Unemployment in vicinity
Concern about unemployment
Corruption seen as a social problem Concern about economy
Concern about corruption in nation
Concern about corruption
Public security seen as a social problem Safety in vicinity
Safety in the nation
Fear of crime
Concern about safety
Income inequality seen as a social problem Concern about economy
Attitude to income inequality in nation
Concern about social inequality
Municipal construction seen as a social problem Attitudes to local build environment
Concern about urban environment
Environment protection seen as a social problem Attitudes to quality of local environment
Concern about ecology
Favours market reform Acceptance of market reform Retired Current status: retired or not Region in China Region in China Summed effects Summed effects of environmental + individual characteristics (macro + micro)X