Political stability in nations

Political stabilityEstes’ Index of political stability (part of Index of Social Progress): 1. Number of political protest demonstrations (-), 2. Number of political riots (-), 3. Number of political strikes (-), 4. Number of armed attacks (-), 5. Number of deaths from domestic violence per 1000.000 (-)1979-80PoliticalStability1_8027Estes 1984 table 5-1
Combination of indicators which measure perceptions of the likelihood that the government in power will be destabilized or overthrown by possibly unconstitutional and/or violent means, including terrorism1998PoliticalStability2_199891Kaufmann 1999a, table C2
2001PoliticalStability2_200191Kaufmann 2002, table C2
2002PoliticalStability2_2002171Kaufmann 2003, table C2
2006PoliticalStability2_2006173Kaufman 2007, table C2

Related topics: Failed state, Governance, Peace
Related themes: Institutional quality, Politics, Social cohesion

The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.