Peace in nations

VariableMeasurementEraSPSS codeNSource
Civil war Violent conflict in nation (0 = no, 1 = yes) 1990-2000CivilWar_2000s113Wikipedia “peace”
Harmony among groups Index of inter-group disparities, perceptions of being discriminated against, and feelings of distrust against members of other groups. The index also uses data on the number of reported incidents of riots, terrorist acts, assassinations, and kidnappings; agency ratings on the likelihood of civil disorder, terrorism and social instability; and reported levels of engagement in violent riots, strikes, and confrontations1988-1992IntergroupCohesion_1990 ISD website
2008-2010IntergroupCohesion_2010 ISD website
Global Peace Index (CPI) 24 item index of:
A: Ongoing domestic and international conflict
1) internal or external wars fought, 2) number of deaths in external organized conflicts, 3) number of deaths in internal organized conflicts, 4) level of internal organized conflicts, 5) relation with neighbouring countries
B: Safety and security in country
6) distrust in other citizens, 7) displaced persons in % population, 8) political instability, 9) respect for human rights, 10) potential for terrorists acts, 11) homocides per 10.000, 12) violent crime, 13) likelyhood of violent demonstrations, 14) jailed per 100.000, 15) police/security officers per 100.000
C: Militarization
16) military expenditures, 17) soldiers per 100.000, 18) imports of conventional weapons, 19) exports of weapons, 20) UN deployments, 22) heavy weapons per 100.000, 23) access to light weapons, 24) military capability/sophistication
2000-2007PeaceIndex_2007111GPI website

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness