Perceived freedom in nations

Perceived freedom and control in lifePublic opinion1990-91FreeLife_199042WVS2 item 95
1995-98FreeLife_199544WVS3 item 66
1990-98FreeLife_1990s63Mean 1990, 95
Perceived freedom at workPublic opinion1990-91FreeWork_199041WVS2 item 117
Perceived freedom in life and workPublic opinion1990-91FreeLifeWork_199041Factor: freelife_90 and freework_90

Related topics: Freedom index, Individualism
Related themes: Freedom

The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.