Inequality in economic values in nations

SD Work ethicDispersion of responses to questions on relative valuations of economic values by university students1986-89SD_ValueWorkCommit_198837Lynn 1991 table 5
SD Achievement motivation1986-89SD_ValueAchievement_198837Lynn 1991 table 7
SD Mastery1986-89SD_ValueMastery_198838Lynn 1991 table 9
SD Competitiveness1986-89SD_ValueCompetition_198838Lynn 1991 table 11
SD Achievement via conformity1986-89SD_ValueAchieveConform_198837Lynn 1991 table 13
SD Valuation of money1986-89SD_ValueMoney_198837Lynn 1991 table 15
SD Attitude to saving1986-89SD_Valuesaving_198838Lynn 1991 table 17

Related topics: Cultural diversity, Economic values, Valuation of professions, Work values
Related themes: Cultural climate, Economy, Inequality, Values, Work

The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness.Developed for identification of societal conditions for happiness, this dataset can also be used for other purposes.