Correlational subjects

Correlational subject: Concern about personal contacts

Classification path:
SOCIAL PARTICIPATION: PERSONAL CONTACTS Attitudes to personal contacts Concern about personal contacts

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Fondness for companionship, as opposedto solitariness 12 aged, male school pupils, London, England, 1912 Like to have other people around 20-65 aged, general public, The Netherlands, 1968 Social autonomy 21-65 aged general public, City of Utrecht,The Netherlands, 1967 Appreciation of being alone 30-55 aged, general public, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1965 Anxiety about neighbours Steel workers, 6 months after closure of plant, Manchester, UK, 1976 Being interested in getting along with others High school pupils and college students, USA, 193?