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Correlational subject: Unemployment in region

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REGION: ECONOMY Current economic conditions in one's region Employment in region Unemployment in region
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Unemployment 16+ aged, general public, The Netherlands, 2004 Changes in regional unemployment Employees, private and public sector. West-Germany, 1984-2004. Unemployment at state level Employees public and private sector, USA, 1976-2002. Employed in public sector Employees public and private sector, USA, 1976-2002. Unemployment rate Adults, general public, United States, 1981-1996 State unemployment rate 16+ aged, recently fallen unemployed, Germany, 2007-2008 National unemployment rate 21-60 aged unemployed, before and after jobloss, Germany, 1984-2003 Unemployment rate 14+ aged, general public, 23 EU nations 2002-2007 Unemployment rate in canton 14+ aged general public, Switserland, followed 12 years 1999-2012