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conscientious personality, neat, reliable

List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Conscientiousness Male college students, England, 1912 Conscientiousness 12 aged, male school pupils, London, England, 1912 Conscientiousness 50+ aged, whites, Durham, North Carolina, USA, 197? Conscientiousness Single males and couples Baltimore USA, followed 7 years, 1979-86 Conscientious Undergraduate students, US, 199? Conscientiousness 65-75 aged, Sweden, 2006 Conscientiousness University students, USA, 2007 Conscienciousness University students, USA and Singapore, 200? Traits 20-55 aged, women, Germany, 1984-2007 Conscientiousness Students, University of Illinois, USA, 200? Personality: Conscientious 17+ aged, general public, Germany, 2004 Conscientiousness 17+ aged, general public, Germany, followed 7 years 2000-2006 Conscientiousness Nursing professionals, 7 hospitals, Madrid, Spain, 2002 Big Five Dimensions and LOC 18+ aged, heads of households, Germany, 2000-2008 Conscientiousness 10-15 aged, schoolchildren, United Kingdom, 2011 Personality 45+ aged general public, South East Queensland, Australia, 2000-2001 Consciousness trait Physicians followed 9 years after graduating, Norway, 1993-2002 Personality variables 17-96 aged, general public Germany, followed 4 years 2005-2008 Big five personality 16+ aged general public, United Kingdom, 1996-2008 Big 5 variables 20-60 aged general public, followed 9 years, Australia, 2001-2009 Conscientiousness 16+ aged, general public, United Kingdom, 2002 Personality trait 'conscientious' General public, Flanders, Belgium, 2011+ 2012 Personality trait 'altruistic and conscientiuous' General public, Flanders, Belgium, 2011+ 2012 conscientiousness 18+ aged, general public, Germany, 2010 Conscientiousness Librarians and information science professionals, developed nations, 2002 Personality traits Working age public, Taiwan, 2009 Concientiousness 20-83 aged, general public, Tokyo, Japan, 2014 Conscientiousness 44-85 aged, followed 4 years before and after retirement, USA, 2008/12--2010/14 Conscientiousness 50-75 aged adults,UK, followed 6 years, 2005-2011 Conscientiousness Employees, United States, 1990 Civic virtue Employees, United States, 1990 Conscientiousness University students, China; 201? Dutifulness Students, Russia, 2006-2007 Deliberation Students, Russia, 2006-2007