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Correlational subject: Schizophrenic (f20)

Classification path:
HEALTH: MENTAL Current specific mental disorders (icd-10 classification) Schizophrenia and delusions (f20-f29) Schizophrenic (f20)
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Being definitely schizophrenic Schizophrenic males non-hospitalized, Monroe County, New York, USA, 1964-65 normal vs schizophrenia Former inpatients of mental hospital, Mississipi, 1988 Schizophrenia Undergraduate students, US, 199? schizophrenia Chronic mental patients, USA,1981 diagnostic group Female mental patients, Berlin, followed 6 month,199? health Patients, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 199? Clinical groups Deviants and normals, USA, 196? ICD-9 diagnosis group Psychiatric patients, Ontario Canada, 199?